Lawn mowing heights Gold Coast

I won’t bore you with the science of photosynthesis, but essentially the area of leaf determines how much energy your lawn can produce. This translates directly to the health of your lawn. In the winter months, the days are shorter and there is less sun, so you need to let the blades grow longer to get more energy. Conversely, in summer the days are longer so you can keep your lawn shorter. As we have just stepped into a new season, it is vital that if you haven’t already put your blades lower on your mower you should do it now. Still on height, there is an important rule for mowing longer grass, the one third rule. The one third rule is the never remove more than one third of the leaf when mowing. This means if you leave your lawn get too long you should mow it a couple of times, lowering the blades each time until you reach your desired height. Never removing more than 1/3 in a single mow.