How to Choose a Gardener?

You want your garden to be one that people admire, and it takes the right type of gardener to achieve that. That might not always be the one you first choose. The perfect gardener for you is one that takes pride in their work and has the experience to know a weed from a watsonia. It’s time to do your homework. Take a drive or walk around town and hunt out gardens you like. Be nosy and inquire whether a gardening service provider offered the service. You never know, by the end of your adventure, you could be armed with a list of names and numbers. Once you highlight a few options - such as those from leading garden experts in your area, then ask if they have any references. Many gardeners are only too happy to show you pictures of what they have achieved - or even take you to properties they have managed from the ground up.   

You’ll likely know when you’ve found the best gardener in your area, but it’s helpful to be sure. People’s homes are their castles, and you want only the best to maintain them. Useful questions to ask can relate both to the people’s skill set and their recommended approach. We’ve included a few helpful questions to ask below. 

  1. How often will you tend to the gardens?

  2. Do you have any recommendations for my garden? 

  3. How much will your service cost? 

  4. Is there anything I need to do for you? 

  5. Do you take your green waste with you? 

  6. Do you plant new plants? 

  7. What happens during winter?  

These are just a few of the many questions you can ask your new gardener. If you require a whole new look for your yard, then it may even help to draw out a plan of what you hope to achieve. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but a sketch can help you and your gardener to be on the same page.