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We understand that certain feeling of pride at the sight of a green lush lawn. Many people on the Gold Coast think that achieving this consistently is time consuming and costly. This isn’t entirely true, professional lawn mowing on a regular basis is important on many levels. Not only does it help the street appeal and value of your family home or investment but it also keeps the weeds and pests in check by not letting them develop which will save you money in the long term with unnecessary weed spraying and pest control.

In short, if your hopes are a nice thick green lawn then the key is frequent cutting. For many homeowners, the desire to have a beautiful, manicured lawn is just beyond their reach. They just do not have the time or knowledge to take the kind of care they would like. That is where Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance can help.

Our company has gained a reputation for quality lawn mowing on the Gold Coast and Hinterland areas and is the fastest growing home services company in Queensland. It is not only the knowledge of lawn care that set s us apart, it is also our unmatched customer service. Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance can take care of all your lawn needs. Our regular service will include mowing, edging and blowing the entire lawn including around walkways, pool areas, fences and trees. We are true lawn care professionals and, if needed, can perform weed spraying, pest control, fertilization, turf replacement and a host of other processes to ensure that you have a lush green lawn throughout the year.

OUR MOTIVATION: To Be The Best Lawn Mowing Service On The Gold Coast

No one understands the importance of a beautiful looking lawn and property better than the team at Preferred. The first impression that someone gains from seeing a property for the first time says a lot about its owner. We’ve established ourselves as the premier lawn mowing service in the Gold Coast area. We work to ensure you have a beautiful green lawn, day in and day out. The key, of course, is regular maintenance. Many shy away from regular maintenance because of either the time involved or the cost, or sometimes both. Proper periodic maintenance does not have to be expensive.

Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance are Queensland’s fastest growing company in the home services sector. Our success is largely because of our reputation for excellence: excellence in workmanship, excellence in customer service, and excellence in professionalism. We do all of that and still provide great value for money. Not only can we provide the best lawn mowing service on the Gold Coast, we can also provide the extras that will make your lawn stand out against others in the area.

Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance also offer services such as landscape maintenance, garden maintenance and contract maintenance. View our home page for a full list of services.

Canal Front Property on the Gold Coast - Regular Maintenance

Canal Front Property on the Gold Coast – Regular Maintenance

Who To Call For Acreage Mowing In The Gold Coast and Hinterland Area ? Preferred of Course

We understand homeowners and business owners with large plots of property want to be able to save themselves time and money when it comes to acreage mowing in the Gold Coast and Hinterland area’s. Attempting to do the job yourself is just not feasible for most and that is why Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance can help. Not only have we gained a reputation for our outstanding workmanship, we’re also well known for our affordable prices giving great value for money. A call to the professionals at Preferred can save a property owner tons of time and money.

Acreage Mowing Gold Coast and Hinterland

Acreage mowing on a Gold Coast property requires a lot of care. The professionals at Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance understand that most people are time poor, meaning they just don’t have the time to spend dealing with a large piece of property. Allowing our pros to take over will not only save time and money, it will also do wonders for the appearance of your property.

We are experienced in all areas of property and yard maintenance so while where at it we can provide weeding and pest spraying to make sure that weeds and pests are kept in check. We can also take care of tasks such as aerating, fertilization, and turf repair. We also understand the pride that people take in the appearance of their property, whether it is a home or a commercial business plot. Preferred Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance will work on your property as if it were our own, leaving a rich, green lawn that is perfectly manicured.


A Beautifully Manicured Gold Coast Cottage By Preferred Lawn Mowing & Property Maintenance

A Beautifully Manicured Gold Coast Cottage By Preferred Lawn Mowing & Property Maintenance